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Aug 27 2013

First day of teaching–teaching…not “teaching”

woah. :)


day 1: in the bag…that just so happened to have some holes….it’s still a bag, though!


I’ve never had 30 bold and beautiful souls make me so nervous in my life! Today came with a lot of life lessons for me. Its crazy to think how a room of little youngsters can “check you”–but I did so much learning from them

Today my focus was procedures and making sure my students had an understanding of what the school year was going to look like. For the first day, my youngsters did an awesome job of getting the hang of the procedure–not a bad start. I have high expectations for my class, and certainly don’t expect it to look amazing on the first day, but I need to make sure that I set the bar since day one.


Asking to Divide.

As we were on the carpet in the middle of a conversation  a student raises his hand and asks, “Mr. Rodrigo (…we’re working on it) when are we going to do math, I heard we do division in third grade.” I melted a little. I went on to quiz my students on their multiplication, cause they corrected me on my assumption they didn’t know how to multiply (they checked me…boo!).

The little girl who missed her mommy

I had a “sweet young girl” about to burst in tears cause she missed her mother…who was 400 feet away inside the elementary school adjacent to our site working. I couldn’t handle, and quite frankly told her I couldn’t do anything about it, but that we were going to have a fun time today and not to worry…didn’t work. She was fine after recess, but then became a project for me.

Everyday is a new day.

I briefly introduced my vision to my students today by having them recite our “Champion’s Creed”

I am a champion.

I am a hard worker.

I am capable of greatness.

I can learn. I will learn. I must learn.


Given my teacher nerves, and my lack of using the NOTES i had in front of me…I forgot to ask my students their take on what the “creed” is saying…should be a great conversation tomorrow.


179 to go. let’s make one for the books.

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